Penis size has been a major source of anxiety throughout history. For a man, his penis can feel like the defining measure of his masculinity, and where he feels he doesn’t quite ‘measure up’ it can easily develop into an inferiority complex. The penis undoubtedly has a symbolism far greater than its function – timelessly associated, as it is, with strength, power and virility.

Penis augmentation has become popular in recent years, with the number of men undergoing phalloplasty significantly increasing year on year. 

If you are considering penoplasty it is crucial that you choose the right person to perform it. Mr Marcellino is one of the leading surgeons working in the UK, having dedicated himself to the attainment of expertise within the field. He will talk openly about the process and the benefits it can bring, but also about its limitations, to avoid his patients harbouring unrealistic expectations about what it can achieve. Whether or not surgery is considered the right option, he has helped hundreds of men to develop a more positive relationship with their penis. The aim of this site is to provide a useful introduction to the subject for those considering treatment. For more in-depth information and a confidential discussion, please call the number provided on the contacts page to arrange a consultation.