International Patience – Travel


When you are considering something as important as surgery, it is crucial that you find the right person to perform it.  For many, a surgeon with the requisite skill and experience is simply not available in their country of residence.  That’s why a high percentage of Mr Marcellino’s patients come to him for treatment from abroad.  Having personally performed more than 8,000 successful procedures, they know he has the expertise required to deliver technically and aesthetically superior outcomes. 

Whilst the prospect of travel can initially appear inconvenient, it really is a small price to pay for achieving the right results.  With this in mind, we’ve put together an all-inclusive package to make your visit to England as pleasant and stress-free as possible, and to guide you every step of the way. 

For all of his patients, this starts with a personal and complimentary phone consultation with Mr Marcellino to talk through your areas of concern.  To arrange this, simply email photos of the relevant body part (or parts), ideally from multiple vantage points – for example, from the front, side and back – to  Please also include some personal details such as your height, weight, and age, along with any thoughts you may have about your desired procedure. Please also include your phone number and some indication of the best times for him to call (UK time).  Having reviewed all the information on your email, Mr Marcellino will then call you to review your condition and discuss the available options for treatment.  Following your phone consultation, a quotation will then be emailed on to you. Should you decide to proceed, a surgery date will then be scheduled, with an information booklet containing preparatory and recovery information forwarded on straight away. You will also receive a lab requisition for any blood tests that will need to be completed prior to your travel date.


In most cases, Mr Marcellino asks for an arrival date of at least one or two days prior to surgery. A five to ten day stay (or longer in some cases) is generally required to include post-operative care. With some procedures, we recommend packing as lightly as possible as your trip home should not be physically strenuous. Again, depending upon your procedure, it may be preferable that you have someone to stay with you overnight, for at least one night.

Accommodation and transfers

It is of the utmost importance to Mr Marcellino that your stay in England during your treatment is as relaxing and comfortable as possible.  To this end, he has hand-picked a selection of hotels, chosen for their high standards of customer care and close proximity to his practices.  These are: The Marylebone Hotel in Welbeck Street; The Holiday Inn, also in Welbeck Street; and The Langham, in Portland Place, off of Regent Street.  The cost of your accommodation*, along with your transfers to and from the airport are all included as part of your package.

*between 2 and 4 nights, depending upon your procedure.


Post-operative care

For penis enlargement, Mr Marcellino will perform a check-up three days after your procedure, with a further follow-up after two weeks.  

For penis lengthening  Mr Marcellino will also perform a check-up after three days, with a further follow-up after ten days, at which time your sutures will be removed.

Once home, Mr Marcellino will continue to check up on your recovery via phone, email and Skype.