Liposuction of the Pubis

In some cases the penis is hidden, either partially or completely, by a large fat pad. Many patients may, of course, benefit from making lifestyle changes, such as taking more exercise or eating a healthier diet, but, in many cases, these prove insufficient and liposuction is the only answer.

With his wide experience in administering this technique, Mr Marcellino offers a definitive solution, using the latest ultrasound liposuction device called Vaser. The procedure itself firstly involves making a small incision, with the area then prepared with an injection of fluid.

Ultrasound energy is then applied using a probe, melting the fat which is then aspirated. Other structures, such as vessels, nerves and collagen fibers, are left undisturbed. The main advantages of this technique are improved recovery times, smooth results and excellent skin retraction compared with standard liposuction.

The procedure is carried out under local anaesthetic and sedation, and takes between one and two hours to complete, with the patient discharged on the same day. The results are visible after a couple of weeks. Some swelling and discomfort may be present at first. By removing the fat and achieving maximum skin retraction in the pubis the outer portion of the penis is then fully exposed and no longer hidden. After two months the patient may then wish to further enhance the results with a penis enlargement procedure.