Pubis Lift

Some patients who experience extreme weight loss have a large redundancy of skin in the lower abdomen which can cover the penis.

To treat these cases, Mr Marcellino has developed a particular technique called a ‘T scar pubis lift’, where removal of the excess skin is combined with release of the suspensory ligament. All the skin of the pubis is lifted, with the skin of the lower abdomen removed and re-draped, restoring total exposure to genitals, a flatter, lower abdomen and a visibly longer penis.

The combined procedure takes between 2 and 3 hours to complete, and can be performed under sedation as a day case or under general anaesthesia with an overnight stay in hospital. The recovery time is typically about 10-12 days. In some cases Mr Marcellino may also apply liposeletion to the pubis to further shape the area.