Testicular Implant

Some men have an absence of one or both testicles. This can be as a result of various conditions such as criptorchidism, localized trauma, or following surgery for the removal of tumors, etc. In the latter case, it is of paramount importance to check with your GP or urologist that you don’t have any suspect tissue left before proceeding with implants.

The procedure itself is fairly simple and consists in making an incision in the middle of the scrotum, creating a surgical ‘pocket’ and inserting a silicone implant that has very similar shape and consistency to a real testicle. The operation takes about 45 minutes to perform and can be done under local anaesthetic with sedation as a day case.

Some swelling and discomfort are likely to be present for around 10 days. Infection , contraction of the pocket (capsule), opening of the wound and extrusion of the implant are the main risks to be avoided within the first two weeks.